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People ask me
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From Industrial Hemp

Used for over 10,000 years for food, clothing, building material, paper and medicine.

Oregano Oil
Strongest antimicrobial known to man. 100% pure & organic.

Pure & natural. Made from plants. Hypoallergenic, concentrated, American made. Hand, dishes, laundry, shampoo.

Handmade by family farm in Montana. Great moisturizer for dry skin.


Protects credit cards, ID cards, Passport Cards, etc. Blocks ALL possible RFID readers.


Grow you own Ghost, Scorpian or Maruga hot peppers.


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The Armchair Survivalist Radio Show

"In The Jungle Called Life - Only The Tigers Survive!"

This has been the motto of Survival Enterprises for over 20 years. Based on a saying by Genghis Khan, it shows that even a day-to-day existence takes more than just a little bit of effort.

Kurt Wilson, Founder and CEO of Survival Enterprises, has been involved in the (so called) "survival" lifestyle since birth.

"To me, this isn't really a "movement", but how my family has led our lives for as long as I can remember. Grandpa was a real mountain man. My family came to California over 150 years ago and I was raised on the lore, stories and down-home beliefs that came from that era."

"It's not wacko, fringe or lunatic. It's just common sense, which seems to have been bred out, propagandized out (by the Government controlled school system) and drugged into submission by Big Pharma."

Kurt was a call-in cohost for a popular Conservative radio talk show for 5 years in Modesto, California. He also wrote on the Internet under the name of "The Gunrunner" for over 15 years. He founded the Stanislaus County Militia, which was instrumental in helping thousands of people during the 1997 Modesto flood.

Helping people "keep their heads above water" has been his goal and purpose in his life. His fields of knowledge run from automotive, firearms (he was a Master Gunsmith for over 25 years: now retired), health, food (buying, storing, cooking), politics, animals, woods craft, fishing, and the lost art of "being prepared".

His brand of straight shooting, no nonsense, don't-beat-around-the-bush type of talk has gained him thousands of listeners, supporters and customers.

Kurt says he grew up so poor that he "couldn't afford to pay attention", but he did learn a thing or three about stretching a nickel. He's spent thousands and thousands of hours counseling people on how to handle various health problems (based on both the products his company, Survival Enterprises, sells and common household "cures'n treatments". His specialty is helping people prepare for that soon-to-come "rainy day".

"The famous Dooms Day Clock has been set at 11:55, with Armageddon at 12:00. There are a dozen triggers being tugged by various power-hungry Governments, possible World economic conditions and environmental calamadies, any of which could set off the catalyst that would end the world as we know it. It behooves us all to prepare for the uncertain future, when trucks stop running, stores close their doors and thugs roam the streets."

"Being Prepared" isn't just the Boy Scout motto: it's 180 degrees away from "being a victim".

Grandpa used to say: knowledge is power and choosing to be ignorant is down right stupid!".

Kurt's show will help you gain knowledge, it will be informative and is geared for the "urban survivalist" who just wants to keep his little piece of the Earth together.

He can help you stay safe, well fed and healthy. Kurt will help you handle nearly anything that does, or could, lower your ability to survive. If he doesn't know the answer to your question, he can tell you where to go to get it.



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