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Show Title:
The 20th Century's First Genocide
Muslims and the Genocide of
The Armenian People in 1915

The true history of the Muslim's
genocide against the Armenian people

President Trump addressed
the Armenian people on April 24th

The Armenian Genocide
and my grandmother's secret

'A distant signal was given – it sounded something like a trumpet …'

“They were very hospitable and would invite you in,” she said. “But, if a distant signal was given – it sounded something like a trumpet – then they would instantly change, and would attempt to harm you. Yet if the signal sounded again, they would immediately switch back to normal.”

“Even,” she added by way of illustration, “if they had injured you after the first signal, as soon as the second signal sounded, they would bind up the very wounds they had inflicted on you.”

That story, so pregnant with hidden significance, has remained gestating in my mind for all these decades since my grandmother matter-of-factly shared it with me over her kitchen table. It has piqued my interest especially in recent years, as I have endeavored in my writing to sort out and make some sense of a world so powerfully controlled by dark forces.

Since today, April 24, 2015, officially marks the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, let’s delve into my grandmother’s mystery story and see where it leads.

First, it’s necessary that I briefly summarize my family’s personal experience during this terrible period.

It was 100 years ago, and my dad, just a toddler then, along with his mother and baby sister were among thousands of Armenian Christians being herded into the Syrian Der Zor desert east of Aleppo to die. That’s right, to die. Forced into such a miserable and dangerous trek, the plan was that exposure, hunger, thirst, bandits or marauding soldiers would get the job done, one way or the other. As for my father’s father, a physician, he had already been forced into the Turkish army against his will to head a medical regiment to tend to the Turkish soldiers’ injuries.

“One of my earliest recollections, I was not quite three years old at the time,” my dad told me shortly before he died in 1988, was that “the wagon we were in had tipped over, my hand was broken and bloody, and mother was looking for my infant sister who had rolled away. The next thing I remember after that, mother was on a horse, holding my baby sister, and had me sitting behind her, saying, ‘Hold on tight, or the Turks will get you!’”

The three of them rode off on horseback, ending up in Aleppo, one of the gateways to the desert deportation and certain death. Once there, my always-resourceful grandmother Mary bluffed her way into getting an audience with Aleppo’s governor-general. Seeing as her Armenian doctor husband was in the service of the Turkish army – albeit by force – she played her one and only card, brazenly telling the governor general, “I demand my rights as the wife of a Turkish army officer!”

“What are those rights?”

“I want commissary privileges and two orderlies,” she answered.


By thus boldly deceiving the not-too-bright Turkish politician, Mary avoided the unthinkable, saving not only her own life and those of her son and daughter, but also the lives of her husband’s two brothers, whom she immediately deputized as orderlies. The group then succeeded in sneaking several other family members out of harm’s way, and my grandmother kept them all from starving by obtaining food from the commissary.

Thus was my family spared, although my father’s infant sister was unable to survive the harshness of those times and died shortly thereafter. And my grandfather, Simeon Kupelian, was executed along with other Armenian doctors by a squadron of Turkish gunmen.

On finally returning to their beautiful home in Marash in southern Turkey a couple of years later, Mary and son Vahey, who was then about six, found it had been ransacked. Their fine tapestries had been pulled off the walls, ripped, and urinated on. Everything that could be carried out had been stolen, and everything else had been deliberately broken – even every last pane of glass in the French doors was broken, and the drawer handles all destroyed.

Eventually, they escaped – and made their way to America. That was my father’s side of the family. But on my mother’s side, things were just as bad.

In 1909, my great-grandfather, a Protestant minister named Steelianos Leondiades, was traveling to the major Turkish city of Adana to attend a pastors’ conference. Today, Incirlik Air Base, used by the U.S. Air Force, is five miles east of Adana. But then, under the Ottoman caliph, Abdul-Hamid II, ethnic cleansing was the order of the day. Here’s how my maternal grandmother, Anna Paulson, daughter of Steelianos, told the story:

“Some of the Turkish officers came to the conference room and told all these ministers – there were 70 of them, ministers and laymen and a few wives: ‘If you embrace the Islamic religion you will all be saved. If you don’t, you will all be killed.’”

My great-grandfather, acting as a spokesman for the ministers’ group, asked the Turks for 15 minutes so they could make their decision, according to my grandmother’s account. During that time the ministers and their companions talked, read the Bible to each other, and prayed. In the end, none of them would renounce their Christian faith and convert to Islam.

“And then,” Anna recalled, “they were all killed.

“They were not even buried. They were all thrown down the ravine.”

The only reason we know any details of this particular massacre, she said, is that one victim survived the ordeal.

“One man woke up; he wasn’t dead,” my grandmother said. “He woke up and got up and said, ‘Brethren, brethren, is there anybody alive here? I’m alive, come on, let’s go out together.’ ”

Ultimately, by the grace of God, both sides of my family made it to the Promised Land – America – and eventually my father met and married my mother, and that’s how my brother, sister and I were blessed to come on the scene.

Now, back to my grandmother Mary’s strange story …

Any thoughtful person, even without any particular knowledge of mind control, hypnosis or brainwashing, could offer a reasonable hypothesis as to what is being described by my grandmother: The actors are clearly people who have somehow been deeply programmed, and the “trumpet-like” signal is a trigger, a post-hypnotic suggestion initiating the pre-programmed behavior.

Interestingly, I mentioned this story to a colleague of mine who lived in a country that once was part of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. His response to my grandmother’s scenario – where on signal, Turks turned on innocent people to kill them, but stopped midstream at the second signal and even resumed their hospitality to the point of patching up any injuries they had caused – was to recall his own time living among a culturally Muslim population whose ancestors had lived for five centuries under Turkish rule.

“The people were extremely hospitable,” he recalled, “but after living in the country for some time, I learned there was another dimension to how they generally perceived foreigners. I had the feeling that some of the most outwardly welcoming people could stab me in the back.”

Encouraged that I might be on to something, I reached out to noted Islam scholar Andrew Bostom for help.

After doing a little research, Andrew called me back and said, enthusiastically, “Your grandmother is right!” The mysterious “trumpet-like signal” was a bugle, he informed me, leading me to a series of books and other contemporaneous genocide reports with additional details. A quick sampling:

There was this New York Times story from Sept. 25, 1915, quoting Dr. M. Simbad Gabriel, head of a U.S.-based Armenian organization:
The doctor said that greed, religion, and politics all combined to induce the Turks to massacre the Armenians. The Government was always behind every massacre, and the people were acting under orders.

“When the bugle blows in the morning,” he said, “Turks rush fiercely to the work of killing the Christians and plundering them of their wealth. When it stops in the evening, or in two or three days, the shooting and stabbing stop just as suddenly then as it began. The people obey their orders like soldiers.”

And there was Simon Payaslian, chair of Armenian Genocide Studies at Clark University:

At Friday prayers in the mosque, Muslims were encouraged to attack Armenians. After prayers let out, a bugle would sound from the minarets for the attack to begin, and then a bugle would sound for the attack to end.

And then there was, contained in Bostom’s own book, “The Legacy of Jihad,” this chilling account by Scottish historian Lord Kinross:

Each operation, between the bugle calls, followed a similar pattern. First the Turkish troops came into a town for the purpose of massacre; then came the Kurdish irregulars and tribesmen for the purpose of plunder. Finally came the holocaust, by fire and destruction, which spread, with the pursuit of the fugitives and mopping-up operations, throughout the lands and villages of the surrounding province. …

Cruelest and most ruinous of all were the massacres of Urfa, where the Armenian Christians numbered a third of the total population … When the bugle blast ended the day’s operations, some three thousand refugees poured into the cathedral, hoping for sanctuary. But the next morning – a Sunday – a fanatic mob swarmed into the church in an orgy of slaughter, rifling its shrines with cries of “Call upon Christ to prove Himself a greater prophet than Mohammed.” Then they amassed a large pile of straw matting, which they spread over the litter of corpses and set alight with thirty cans of petroleum. The woodwork of the gallery where a crowd of women and children crouched, wailing with terror, caught fire, and all perished in the flames.

Punctiliously at three-thirty in the afternoon the bugle blew once more, and the Moslem officials proceeded around the Armenian quarter to proclaim that the massacres were over … the total casualties in the town, including those slaughtered in the cathedral, amounted to eight thousand dead.

In the past 125 years, genocides on Earth
have been done by only two groups:
Muslims and Communists.



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